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Frog Water Care

The FROG Water Care app will provide expert help with water testing to Frog's unique chlorine or bromine levels as well as troubleshooting, find a local dealer, and scheduling reminds for testing your water or replacing your FROG Products. Provide dosage recommendations.

Maha Khala

The Maha Khala - Meditation through the Senses App takes you on a step by step journey of self mastery and guides you towards discovering who you truly are and how you can use this newly acquired understanding and energy to transform your life and recreate your world.


MutualGo is an Mobile app thought and designed by young enthusiastic cooperation members who wants the solidarity/cooperative model to be understood and assimilated by new generations. That is why it is seeks to transform the way of seeing, feeling and living solidarity model.


QuikLee is a mobile game that challenges your general knowledge and cognitive skills. The game may ask you to solve a problem, complete a task, or answer an interesting trivia question. You earn points when you answer a question or complete the task before time runs out.


The idea for HipConnect was originally created with the social smoker in mind. Moved to a new town or traveling for the weekend, looking for a little smoke? HipConnect was built to help you find like-minded folks to hook you up. A social media platform built specifically to help weed lovers


The purpose of this application is to provide easy access to information about selected pivotal published clinical trials in the field of neuro-oncology.It is intended for use by providers at all levels, as well as learners. It also includes a share function to notify colleagues of trials.

Shaking Card

Network smarter. Shaking cards are digital, and allow you to personalize your card's look and business information. As long as you have your smartphone with you, you'll always have your business contact info available and ready to share in case of a chance encounter.

Pivi - IT

If you are like most people you organize your To Do list by Priority. This organization typically benefit other people more than they benefit you. your to-do list is a smart move. PiVi helps you identify where to best focus your energy towards maximum impact on your goals!


Peerspace is a marketplace that provides easy access to unique spaces for any activity. Renting a creative location to meet, host an event, or have your next photo shoot has never been easier. Browse unique spaces, connect with hosts, and book online. By launching your very own Peerspace .

Song Society

Song Society App provides a turnkey solution that allows both professionals and aspiring songwriters the ability to have the entire songwriting process completed in one step rather than several steps across multiple platforms.


Nappyme connects AFRO girls who want to have their hair done with those who know how. The mobile application allows you to find the best afro hairdressers near you for your hairstyles and hair care.


TET allows easy search of cars, trucks, equipment, machinery and spare parts through a direct conversation with the owner and if you do not find what you want to put your request and will reach many specialized traders.

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